Cuddles, Attention, Big and Small Luxuries...


"I'd like to know its luxury personal definition" ... The application was made to me by a girl with her head covered by a handkerchief from 1000 colors, which he added "I come from the UAE, for us, luxury is as if the we had in the DNA. "This happened in Atlanta, housed in a beautiful theater. I was invited to be one of the most prestigious American universities The EXP, to give a lecture on the Italian style, the art of hospitality and management of a luxury mansion and all that this entails.

It was great! It was my day! As the Americans would say, and surrounded by lights and hundreds of curious and fascinated guys from all over the world, I, with a microphone in his hand and a questionable accent, I finally understood to have clear ideas in luxury!

A variable concept

As I told them, in my opinion, the concept of luxury varies depending on age and your nationality, without forgetting the education that you received. Today we live in a world full of contrasts. On the one hand, a black crises to which we all find it hard to get used to and an incredible effort to get out of it unscathed. On the other, we find the most unbridled luxury. Wherever, in magazines, on television, in Duty Free at airports, on social, we are literally bombarded with glitzy items and questionable lifestyles. My son, 16 years, says he hopes to be great to have his own plane ... Good luck Ruggerro, I would say fun, but also a bit 'disquieted. So if, for me, luxury is now know that they can have what I like most, wear beautiful vintage pieces that were my mother or my grandmother, get in my beautiful house a few sincere friends, eat every day of stupendissimi china plates, wear or buy something unique and exclusive that uneven me to anyone else, for some of my friends is able to say what you finally want outspoken or drink vintage champagne in a Baccarat crystal goblets!

A little luxury is ... for everyone

And speaking of luxury, my husband Luigi and I have restored over the years our house, a historic home and the wonderful Italian garden that surrounds it. It was no easy task. All the property is bound by the superintendent, every choice has been made in the deepest respect for the environment that surrounds it. We have built a beautiful pool that seems to be there forever, surrounded by olive trees and roses. Baskets with straw hats and matching towels and umbrellas, to our customers. In fact, in recent years we have started to rent to an international audience that wants to live the Italian experience level, a 5-star service and absolute privacy. In the illustrious names were our guests, and it is the attention to detail that has made us successful. Life's little luxuries, small things that spoil and leave you speechless even the most demanding customer. I try to convey to anyone who comes to visit my lifestyle. Flowers, candles, books and magazines keep you company and warmth to the environment. In many say "I wish my house was so" and that makes me happy, it makes me realize that I was able, in spite of many sacrifices, in my attempt! Everyone should enjoy the little luxuries! Starting from the house, we begin to perfume it with a precious candle, we fill a vase with fresh flowers every week of the season! Pamper And then every so often by purchasing a special cream, a luxurious glossy lips of those who once opened, it is difficult to dispose of the packaging! We accompany our breakfast with a special English jam and we use small towel in linen with the monogram of his grandmother ... start the day so special and will definitely not gray! Cuddles, attention, big and small luxuries. This is the secret. Because in the end it is always the quality that makes the difference! This and much more you can find it on my website