Food Stories and Tales of A Globe-Trotter Passionate!


I was quite undecided on what to tell you about this new appointment! In my work, there are many beautiful news that will certainly talk later, but have completely absorbed my last weeks. They are about to leave for the United States, where among other things I will do , in addition to being the perfect Italian lifestyle in one of the most prestigious American universities, I will talk about food and good manners!

Today we are literally bombarded with television programs that speak to us of the kitchen. The chefs are the new stars of the screen , beautiful, charming and alluring. It seems that most are grumpy, have more success! Bacchettano and create magic with their starched lab coats.

Flavors of home...

Bound by a friendship of long standing, we were born in the same city and roamed happily together in motion by boys, me and Filippo La Mantia , Oste and cook, as he likes to call himself, we both share a passion for the dishes of our Sicily. I still remember when I went to dinner at his first restaurant in Rome many years ago. A large window with an open kitchen, a novelty in those days! "My Joy", what a joy to see you and here began to arrive on my table dishes that melted my heart. Home Flavors forgotten, arancinette, Tuma baked sublime ratatouille, iced coffee with cream, pistachio biscuits! After delighting us for years in the capital, he has opened a superb restaurant in Milan. The ceramic heads of Caltagirone expertly mixed with white porcelain, decorate the walls of a modern and elegant setting and its buffet, they seem to be those who were in the houses of the old Sicilian families who mattered, long time ago.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine, but the eye must have his share. As I always like to say a well-leafed can make a difference in the presentation of a dish! And then, let's face it, we all love to eat with your eyes!

...but you can eat well everywhere!

So I suggest, as I do, of portioned salads in small individual bowls, I bought a beautiful from Crate & Barrel in New York ! Arrange all close together on a tray, decorated your simple salad with pomegranate seeds and thin slices of green apple: everything will seem a valuable centerpiece!

There is a type of food I do not like to eat, you just think that I managed to gain weight in India! If you were to go from there, I highly recommend a stop at Bar Palladio Jaipur . It will be like living a dream. Greeted by charming waiters in a rarefied atmosphere, out of time, with fabulously furnished immortalized on the most beautiful of international magazines, delicious dishes served on a beautiful ceramic plates and then a small corner of fabrics and objects for the home sought for tourists shopping addict like me!

Another must-stop for experienced cooks or would-be, it is in the United States, the famous store Williams Sonoma . The enchanting and precious pans Mauviel intercalated with refined towels, stacks of several books of recipes of all kinds interrupted by packs of gingerbread cookies from the most unusual shapes, and then oil, balsamic vinegar, dishwashing detergents in packs to embarrass the luxurious of beauty creams and if you look closely, you can also meet, as happened to me, the blonde Gwynett Paltrow who goes shopping! In short, pure magic! Same atmosphere in London by Divertimenti in the Brompton Road, Chelsea , with the addition of bizarre cooking classes taught by the fantastic Jamie Oliver, super star of the Anglo-Saxon cooking! This and more on my future book "Queenbee goes around" online on my website !