Italian Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class


Do you want to cook with style and surprise your guests?

Do you want to discover the secrets of the Italian food? 

Do you want to have a unique experience in the kitchen? 

Maria Renata will show that you do not have to spend all day in the kitchen to wow your guests. Maria Renata will take you to only the best markets in Rome or Viterbo to buy fresh products like olive oil or basil. You will learn the secrets on how to make the best spaghetti, risotto, and seasonal tiramisù. Always keeping a particular attention to the decor and the presentation. 

Classes are from 10:30AM-3:30PM

Cara Maria--

"We can not thank you enough for the fabulous day you provided Mary and I.  Everything was so lovely--the market, the walk through old Roma, entering the chiesa, your beautiful apartment, and finally the delicious lunch set on the beautiful table!

Again it was a wonderful day!"

Grazie Mille,

Judy Shinn

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