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Sicilian by birth, Viterbese and Romana by adoption, cosmopolitan spirit, Maria Renata Leto Catalano Rossi Danielli is a character that you never stop discovering.

Volcanic, curious traveler, hostess and excellent cook, decided by chance, as a joke, one day to share these passions with a group of "guests" and from there came the "our" Marta Stuart overseas . With innate taste, the savoifaire and culture that distinguish many ladies of good European society, it quickly became an important reference for art of hospitality Italian.

Its splendid eighteenth-century country house is visited by distinguished and discerning travelers arriving from all over the world and she loves to cuddle, making them feel at home with the utmost respect for privacy. Giver of good tips on the art of receiving, on secret shopping itineraries and Roman culinary, also organizes pleasant cooking class sessions that differ a bit 'from the usual, as is the case in all its activities.

A dip in the purest Italian lifestyle entering on tiptoe in his wonderful world.


QueenBee's Philosophy—

QueenBee is a brand that is built around the talents of Maria Renata Leto.

Born with the aim of becoming an international spokesman for the purest Italian lifestyle. QueenBee organizes events, meetings and courses that revolve around the issues of design and furnishing, fashion and shopping, the cooking and the art of receiving, with a spirit always in line with the elegant style and spirited Maria Renata Leto .

With QueenBee the Italian character will have a completely different flavor.

The love and passion for our country allows us to organize events always up to expectations to broadcast in Italy and abroad culture and style that distinguishes us. With QueenBee know of secret shopping paths, you will learn the art of receiving and that of decoration, able to impress your guests with the preparation of delicious food and laden tables and finally you will dedicate to the creation of fantastic interior atmospheres for your homes .

Fulcrum is QueenBee Maria Renata Leto Catalano Rossi Danielli, known as the "Martha Stewart" Italian by international journalists. A lover of gourmet and attention to detail, a passion for travel and new trends, organizer of the event classes and guest celebrities, from Julia Roberts to Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Maria Renata Cakes


Avete capito bene… Con un semplice click riceverete a casa o invierete un dolce da sogno, personalizzato da una linea di biglietti acquarellati dalle bravissime Gaia Dammacco e Lucilla Bollati.

Una festa per gli occhi e per il palato!

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Us to the QueenBee 

Maria Renata has an uplifting energy that is so contagious. Her style is chic, elegant and full of beautiful rich surprises. She is truly interested and loves life and people...inspiring us all. And homes she decorates are luxurious, comfortable and make you feel so happy. I think it all comes from her kindness, humor and ability to be so thoughtful about others.
— Kelly Rutherford, actress of GOSSIP GIRL
She is passionate, quick-witted, gritty, humorous. Ready to share with you the wonders of the past.
— Marco Ghiotto, Publisher of my kind of woman
My sister Joyce and I were fortunate to be the guest of Maria Renata and Luigi for a summer. I still use the recipes we learned during this magical vacation and have so many wonderful memories of their friendship and hospitality. Truly deserves the title of Italy’s Martha Stewart. Love you sweet lady!
— Barbara Concilio, GUEST
Maria Renata welcomed our family to her villa in Viterbo 12 years ago with her trademark style and graciousness. She was so generous with her time and taught us how to make true Italian risotto during our stay. Her deep appreciation for all things beautiful and living a life filled with luxury are to be admired but in the end, Maria Renata is simply someone who radiates warmth and joy to all she meets.
— Meghan Kirk Jordan, Guest
I was fortunate enough to be taken to Villa Rossi Danielli and touched to the core. The taste level in landscape, home furnishing and food was beyond A+. But more than the taste, everything was chic at the same time, it was comfortable. If you have the chance...go!
— Tony Brand, Chief of Barneys NY
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